Water Quality

Abbotsford and Mission's drinking water undergoes thousands of water quality tests each year to ensure that customers are provided with clean and safe water. Residents can take pride in their drinking water - it continually meets or exceeds quality standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality health based parameters.

Detailed water quality reports are published annually and key water quality monitoring data is posted monthly. View the latest documents below.

Water Notice for Mission Residents

Some residents of Mission receive their drinking water from the Cannell Lake water supply, which is a natural open lake. All lakes are susceptible and home to various aquatic life, such as naturally occurring algae. There are no algae types in the lake that are a health concern, but some do produce unusual taste and odours during certain times of the year. Currently, Cannell Lake is experiencing some algae growth that can produce a fishy or metallic type taste and odour. 

Water from this source is regularly sampled and tested and recent water quality samples continue to meet Provincial water quality standards. A carbon filter, such as a Brita or similar device, can be utilized if residents experience a noticeable taste and odour. There are no health concerns with the water supply. 

Please continue to notify the District of Mission at 604-820-3761 of any water quality issues.


If you need further information or if you have questions or comments about the drinking water quality please email eng-info@abbotsford.ca or call 604-864-5514.