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Water Restrictions

While our water system can easily meet average day demands, our summer demands can be much higher. Water restrictions are in place to benefit the whole community and ensure that we continue to have a reliable quantity of water available all summer.

The following charts will give you a snapshot of what is allowed in each stage.

Restrictions only apply only to the use of treated drinking water not to the use of rainwater, private well water or any forms of recycled water.

Water Restrictions started May 1. Current Stage: Stage 1

Residential Restriction Chart

Commercial Water Use Chart

Institutional Water Use Chart

Why we have Water Restrictions

During the summer months, our water consumption increases, resulting in “peak days” when daily demand reaches its annual maximum. Our water system infrastructure is designed to meet peak day demands; however, this infrastructure is expensive and often has environmental impacts to water tables and streams. Restricting water use reduces peak day demands, thereby minimizing the need for new infrastructure while ensuring water system capacity is adequate to meet all needs. Neighbouring municipalities also adopt similar restrictions to reduce peak demands.

The Staged Water Restrictions were modified in 2024 so that the regional water supply will be in a better position to respond to the more challenging drought conditions anticipated as an impact of climate change. With more frequent droughts and operational constraints the triggers for stages have been updated to:

  • Be flexible beyond a fixed date. The flexibility of the period of Staged Water Restrictions beyond September 30 can be based on any condition, occurrence, factor or assessment of all relevant circumstances that in the judgement of the Engineer, are necessary.
  • Take into account current conditions, occurrences and factors which  include: snowpack levels; current and  forecasted available supply – Dickson Lake level, Cannell Lake level, and the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer levels; antecedent weather and soil conditions, precipitation and temperature forecast, extreme heat warnings; Norrish Creek flows; Provincial drought levels; recent water consumption and forecasted trends; customer compliance with restrictions; and any other factor the Engineer considers to be relevant for making a determination.

Both Mission and Abbotsford will follow the same water restrictions included in each City’s Bylaws: Abbotsford, Mission

There are different stages in the Water Restrictions based on our current water supply. The following menus will give you details about allowable activities in each stage.

Current Stage: Stage 1