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Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions have ended.

Thank you Abbotsford and Mission for conserving water this summer. As we go into the winter months, please continue to do your part to use water wisely. The City will be monitoring the water supply conditions over the next few months and planning for next season’s restrictions.

About Water Restrictions

While our water system can easily meet average day demands, our summer demands can be much higher. Water restrictions are in place to benefit the whole community and ensure that we continue to have a reliable quantity of water available all summer.

During the summer months, our water consumption increases, resulting in “peak days” when daily demand reaches its annual maximum. Our water system infrastructure is designed to meet peak day demands; however, this infrastructure is expensive and often has environmental impacts to water tables and streams. Restricting water use reduces peak day demands, thereby minimizing the need for new infrastructure while ensuring water system capacity is adequate to meet all needs. Neighbouring municipalities also adopt similar restrictions to reduce peak demands.

Our water restrictions are tied to the level of Dickson Lake. Dickson Lake provides the majority of drinking water to the residents of Abbotsford and Mission. Dickson Lake is monitored and the level is checked daily. As the lake gets lower, it triggers higher water restrictions during the peak water use months (May to October).

View Dickson Lake Levels

Both Mission and Abbotsford follow a Water Shortage Response Plan that is based on the Dickson Lake level. The lower the level, the higher the stage of water restrictions. Certain outdoor water uses are restricted during different stages. There are no water restrictions between November 1 – April 30.

Water Shortage Response Plan