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Waterwise Lawn Care

Being more in tune with the environment and planting for the natural environment and local climate will reduce the amount of maintenance your garden and grass needs! View the introduction to Waterwise Lawn Care.

2019 Bevan Avenue Wells Operation Notice

The City of Abbotsford will be operating the Bevan Avenue Wells at the southwest corner of Mill Lake Park as needed until September 30 as per the conditions of Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) #W11-01. View the details.

Irrigation System and Landscape Water Efficiency Program (Assessment and Rebate)

Landscape watering is one of the biggest uses in your home! Sign up for a free assesment and identify ways you can save money and make your landscape more water efficient.

Curious about your tap water? Follow Bethany and Shiv on a trip to the water treatment plant and take the mystery out of your water! 

WaterWise Portal

The Water Wise Portal is a new resource to track and monitor your household’s or business’ water usage.

Toilet Rebate

Replace your 13L or greater flush volume toilet and receive up to a maximum of two $50 rebates per property.

2017 Annual Water Quality Report

2017 Annual Water Quality Report is now available.

New Requirements to Use Groundwater

If you divert and use groundwater (e.g. from a well) for non-domestic purposes such as irrigation or commercial purposes, you must now obtain a water license and pay water fees and rentals.


Abbotsford and Mission residents can take advantage of several rebate programs for upgrading toilets, washing machines, landscape and irrigation systems to be water efficient. Note that qualifying customers must receive water from the municipal water system.

*Residents living in the Clearbrook Waterworks District (CWWD) are not eligible for rebates.

Toilet Rebates  Smart Wash Rebates  Landscape & Irrigation Rebates

water quality

Abbotsford and Mission's drinking water undergoes thousands of tests each year to ensure that customers are provided with clean and safe water. Residents can take pride in their drinking water - it continually meets or exceeds quality standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Protection Act and the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.

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Water conservation benefits the whole community and ensures that we continue to have a high quality water supply capable of supporting a growing population.

See how you can help conserve and reserve!

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