Water Quality Notice for Mission Residents


Some residents of Mission receive their drinking water from the Cannell Lake water supply, which is a natural open lake. All lakes are susceptible and home to various aquatic life, such as naturally occurring algae. There are no algae types in the lake that are a health concern, but some do produce unusual taste and odours during certain times of the year. Currently, Cannell Lake is experiencing some algae growth that can produce a fishy or metallic type taste and odour. 

Water from this source is regularly sampled and tested and recent water quality samples continue to meet Provincial water quality standards. A carbon filter, such as a Brita or similar device, can be utilized if residents experience a noticeable taste and odour. There are no health concerns with the water supply. 

For additional information regarding Abbotsford and Mission’s water quality, please visit ourwatermatters.ca/water-quality.

Please continue to notify the District of Mission at 604-820-3761 of any water quality issues.