Stage 2 Water Restrictions now in effect as precautionary measure


In support of the provincial government’s direction to residents to conserve water due to worsening drought conditions across the province, the Abbotsford Mission Water and Sewer Commission (AMWSC) is moving to Stage 2 Water Restrictions effective immediately and is encouraging all residents to do their part to conserve water this summer. 

Though the current local water supply is within Stage 1 parameters, the water levels in both Dickson Lake and Cannel Lake are significantly lower than seasonal norms and moving to Stage 2 Water Restrictions as a precautionary measure will help maintain a sustainable and reliable water supply and prevent the potential for shortages during periods of high demand in the region, such as drought and extreme heat.

Stage 2 water-use restrictions limit lawn sprinkling in both communities to one day a week, during weekend mornings only, but still allows watering for plants and gardens, impermeable surfaces and vehicle washing with a hand-held container or hose with a spring-loaded shut-off device. 

The AMWSC is also encouraging residents to follow simple water conservation tips such as letting their lawns go dormant, taking shorter showers, and turning off the tap while brushing teeth or washing dishes, in order to preserve the water supply for essential uses like drinking, cooking and cleaning.

Lower water levels predicted for the Fraser River and surrounding creeks and streams may also limit irrigation water supply in Matsqui and Sumas Prairies. Agriculture producers are encouraged to conserve water utilized through the irrigation ditching network by measures such as only irrigating in the evening, at night or in the early morning when the weather is cooler and not during the peak heat of the day as much moisture is lost to evaporation. 

Given typical water demand and usage during summer months and current drought and water supply projections for this season, Stage 3 water-use restrictions will be implemented on August 4, and water-use restrictions will be extended to the end of October. Under Stage 3 Water Restrictions, lawn, plant and garden watering is only permitted with a hose with a spring-loaded shut-off device or hand-held container. Use of sprinklers, filling pools, spas or ponds and impermeable surfaces and vehicle washing is prohibited, unless to comply with health and safety requirements.

AMWSC staff will continue monitoring water supplies and lake levels, and following the Water Shortage Response Plan as well as the provincial drought updates to determine if further restrictions will be necessary or if water restrictions can be downgraded to lower stages should drought conditions improve.

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Aletta Vanderheyden
Communications and Public Relations Manager
City of Abbotsford

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