Water Restrictions - Stage 2

Grass Guy - No Snow Pack So Cut BackMay 1 - September 30, 2015
No Snow Pack
So Please CUT BACK!

Lawns: 2 Days Only
  Even Addresses Wed & Sat
  Odd Addresses Thurs & Sun
  Mornings between 6am - 8 am only

Gardens: As Needed
  Flowers - Vegetables - Trees - Shrubs

Visit the Water Restrictions page to learm more about stages

Why are the restrictions so important this year?

There are a number of factors that could affect water supply
this year:

  • This year there is no snowpack. If we don’t get a lot of rain this year, this could affect the Dickson Lake level that feeds Norrish Creek, our main water supply.

  • Warmer than average temperatures, could mean that more water is used.

  • The water treatment plant at Norrish is undergoing restoration work, so the treatment membranes cannot be used. The slow-sand filtration system is being used for a large portion of the demand. This reduces our water supply options in case of an emergency. It is estimated that the membrane plant will be back online in September.

  • The water system has limited capacity.

Do your part. Conserve & Reserve

2014 Annual Water Quality Report

View the Water Quality page to see the AMWSC Annual 2014 Water Quality Report.

Free Irrigation and Landscape Assessments

May 1 - August 31, 2015

Learn how to be a water savvy gardner and sign up for a free irrigation and landscape assessment. Click here to view more information and sign up.


Purchase your rainbarrel and diverter kit for $55 (including tax) at City Hall in the Engineering Department, located on the fourth floor. View the Rainwater Harvesting page for more information.

Smart Wash Rebate Program

May 1 to June 30, Save up to $200 on a new clothes washer. View the Smart Wash Rebate Program page for details.

Bevan Avenue Wells Operation Notice

As per the terms of Environmental Assessment Certificate W11-01, the City of Abbotsford is permitted to run four drinking water wells at the southwest corner of Mill Lake Park in order to meet peak demand for water during summer months. The approved pumping capacity is 290 L/s. A total of 2,505 million litres of water may be drawn from these wells annually, between May and September until December 31, 2015.

Please contact Amy Peters, Water Conservation Program Coordinator, City of Abbotsford Engineering Department, at 604-864-5514, with any questions.