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High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program

2022 Rebate Program Update

The AMWSC toilet rebate program has been running since 2009. The program has been very successful and since 2011, over 11,000 toilets have been replaced with low flow and high efficiency models. At the same time, participation has dropped significantly in recent years due to market saturation. High efficiency (4.8L) toilets are now a Building Code requirement and are required for new homes and renovations. 

If you are thinking of replacing a 13 litre or greater per flush toilet and want to take advantage of the rebate you will need to do so before September 1, 2022. Any receipts sent in after September 1, 2022 will not be eligible for a rebate.

How to Qualify

  • Customers must receive water from the municipal water system (i.e. Clearbrook Waterworks District customers and customers on private wells are not eligible).
  • Must be replacing a toilet with a 13 litre or greater flush volume (replacing a 6 litre toilet is not eligible for a rebate 
  • New toilets must be CSA-approved 4.8 litre or less per flush or dual-flush. View the list of approved WaterSense High Efficiency toilets on the MaP website (maximum performance)
  • Old toilets can be recycled for free at the Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot (33670 Valley Road, Abbotsford) or the Mission Recycling Depot (7229 Mershon Street, Mission)

View the High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program Brochure

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