Smart Wash Rebate Program
october 5 to Novemer 16, 2018

The AMWSC partners with BC Hydro and FortisBC to provide Abbotsford and Mission residents with a $100 rebate for replacing your old washing machine with a new high efficiency washing machine, up to a maximum of one per residential dwelling.

You have 60 days to submit your application to BC Hydro for qualifying machines that were bought during the specific two month period. This program is offered in the fall and spring.

  • Visit the BC Hydro website, to review the list of qualifying washing machines.
  • Complete the online application.
    • Have an electronic copy of the sales receipt and/or invoices showing final payment for uploading clearly showing the retailer name, address and phone number, purchase date and price, product model and manufacturer’s name.
  • To receive the AMWSC rebate you must be on the regional water system. Check with the City of Abbotsford 604-864-5514 or District of Mission 604-820-3736 to ensure you are on the regional water system.
  • Make a copy of all documentation for your own records. 
  • Properties on private wells and the Clearbrook Waterworks District are not eligible for the AMWSC portion.
  • Machines in common areas or illegal suites are not eligible.

Visit the BC Hydro website for more information or download the or view the Smart Wash Rebate Program Brochure.