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Water Wise Gardening

With increased demands on water supplies, there's a greater focus on conserving water. Water can no longer be considered a limitless resource.  For most of the year, Abbotsford receives enough rain to keep gardens adequately watered. However, the summer months are usually dry, and our summer water use can increase significantly. Inefficient watering practices and planting gardens that are not suitable for our climate are contributing factors to the large amount of water used in the summer. Water Restrictions are in effect from May 1 – September 30, every year in order to ensure there is reliable quantity of water available, during the summer.

The AWMSC has several programs in place that will help gardeners water wisely!

An Introduction to WaterWise Lawn Care

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Water Wise Landscaping
Waterwise gardening means selecting and maintaining plants that can survive long periods without water. There are many species of plants available at local nurseries that can thrive in our dry summer and wet winter conditions.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, these plants provide shade, absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into our urban environment.  There’s nothing difficult about waterwise gardening – it’s just about planting appropriately.

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Save water by using a rainbarrel to water your vegetable gardens, hanging baskets and trees. Rain Barrels are currently available in the 300 litre and 520 litre size.

Mission: Please note that the District of Mission will not be selling rainbarrels during the pandemic while the District of Mission offices are closed to the public. Once the pandemic is over and our offices are open again, please contact Engineering at engineering@mission.ca or call 604-820-3736, to arrange a rain barrel purchase. In the meantime, please note that local retailers have rainbarrels available for sale including Rona Mission and Canadian Tire. Other local retailers may have rain barrels available as well.

Abbotsford: The City of Abbotsford will still be selling rainbarrels. Please call 604-864-5514 to pay over the phone and arrange a time for pick up. Staff will use gloves to move the barrel to the parking lot for residents to drive by and pick up. You must be able to load the barrel yourself. For questions please contact Engineering at 604-864-5514.


300 litres - $75.00 + tax
520 litres - $110.00 + tax (back in stock!)
Stands can be purchased at Barr Plastics
31192 South Fraser Way

For rain barrel installation instructions,  click here.
For more information please call 604-864-5514.

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Efficient Irrigation
The best way to save water outdoors is to ensure that your irrigation system is operating efficiently. Irrigation experts estimate homeowners can reduce outdoor watering needs by 25% just by keeping up with irrigation system maintenance and setting the timer properly. Below are some key adjustments to make to ensure your irrigation system is working efficiently.

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Waterwise Gardening Resources:

Landscape & Irrigation Guide to Water Efficiency, Abbotsford/Mission Water & Sewer Services

Gardening for the Abbotsford Gardner by Ewan Mackenzie, Exemplar Horticulture

The Xeriscape Garden by Brenda Falk, Tanglebank Gardens

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Lawns in Metro Vancouver

Veggie Waterwise Gardening by ACS Community Garden Project

Waterwise Gardening Templates - Tanglebank Gardens

Gardening with Native Plants (Fraser Valley Conservancy)

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