landscape & irrigation assessment rebate

Landscape watering is one of the biggest uses in your home! We can help you identify ways you can save water and money by assessing the deficiencies in your irrigation system and suggesting ways to make your landscape more water efficient.

  1. Sign up for a free irrigation and landscape assessment (limited number, based on a first come-first serve basis).  Sign up online here
  2. Apply for a rebate. The Abbotsford Mission Water & Sewer Commission is offering a rebate program for improving outdoor water use efficiency for properties on the regional water system.  This will be accomplished by improving irrigation system efficiencies, retrofitting landscapes with water wise plant species and soil amendments.  The program details are described below:
  • $500 rebate when you spend $1500 on upgrading on your automatic irrigation system with a certified irrigation contractor. Please check the application form for details.
  • $250 rebate when you replace 50% of your landscape with waterwise plants or amend your soils and spend $500 or more. Please check the application form for details.
  • The application form must be submitted before the purchase. Download the application form here.

For a list of waterwise plants please refer to the Landscape and Irrigation Guide to Water Efficiency link or Appendix D of the rebate application form.

Residents living in the Clearbrook Waterworks District (CWWD) are not eligible for rebates.