High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate

Rebate program for high efficiency toiles with a 4.8L flush volume.  Limited funding is available for this program so applicants will be treated on a first come first served basis until the funding is exhausted.

Under the updated regulation, new residential buildings and renovation projects, including toilet replacements, will have to include high-efficiency toilets with a 4.8 litre flush volume or less. Toilets which provide a dual flush cycle option of both 4.1 litres or less and 6 litres are compliant. Please note we will only accept rebate applications for toilets that have a flush volume of 6 litres purchased prior to October 3, 2011. These new requirements will not apply to toilets in industrial, commercial or institutional buildings, such as schools and hospitals, which can still install 6-litre models.

How to Qualify

  • Customer must receive water from the municipal water system (i.e. no homes accounts by Clearbrook Waterworks District or on a private well).

  • Replacing a toilet with a 13 litre (or greater) flush volume with a CSA-approved 4.8 litre (or less) toilet or any CSA-approved dual-flush toilet. For a list of approved High Efficiency Toilets (HET), please check the list of ALL 1,435 tank-type WaterSense High-Efficiency Toilets.

  •  Rebates will no longer be accepted for 6 litre toilets.

  • To complete the efficiency cycle, old toilets should be recycled at either Abbotsford Mission Recycling Depot (33670 Valley Road, Abbotsford) or the Mission Recycling Depot (7229 Mershon Street, Mission). There is no charge for dropping off old toilets. Industrial, commercial or institutional customers need to contact the Engineering Department before dropping off material for recycling.  Old toilets will be crushed and recycled as landfill cover material.

  • There is a lifetime maximum for up to two $50 rebates for single family and multifamily customers. For industrial, commercial or institutional up to 50 toilets can be claimed. For customers who wish to replace more than 50 toilets please contact the Engineering Department at 604-864-5514.

How to Apply

  1. Ensure you are eligible for the program.

  2. Fill out the form online and including your utility account number. (Abbotsford residents only). NOTE that applications are only accepted online for this program. If you need help filling out and submitting the form, please visit Abbotsford or Mission Engineering Departments and staff will assist you.

  3. Provide a copy of the sales receipt for the toilet or toilets purchased.

  4. Submit your application form receipt(s) online

  5. It takes approximately 8 weeks to review and process each application.

    For Mission residents and multi-family residential accounts in Abbotsford that pay for water through their strata a cheque will be mailed.

    For Abbotsford single family homes and industrial, commercial and institutional accounts a credit will be applied to your water utility bill. You will see the credit on one of the following two bills after you have submitted your application. It may take up to 4 months to see the credit.

  6. A bylaw officer may inspect the installation of the new toilet at anytime after the application has been submitted.